A downloadable game for Windows


  • W: Move Up
  • A: Move Left
  • S: Move Down
  • D: Move Right
  • K: Advance menus


Young mech pilot Neci is fast asleep, and her nightmares keep coming back. How long can she avoid the Hosts and try to stay asleep? Press K on the title screen to begin!

Move Neci around the field to escape the Hosts and stay asleep. If a Host gets too close it will reduce Neci's Armor, tracked in the upper left of the screen. When her Armor is drained completely she wakes up and the game is over!

Your score is 60 x the number of seconds Neci was asleep. The longer before she wakes, the higher your score! Once you're ready for Neci to try and sleep again, press K to restart.

More info on what led to this project is in this post on my blog.

How I Made This

Install instructions

Basically just install and run. Simple as that!


Neci's Nightmare Installer 9 MB

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