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Windows version requirements (oldest and newest)? x86, x86-64, or both?

Should run on both! Admittedly I haven't tested on 32-bit but Windows handles that backwards compatibility very well in my experience.

Sorry I'm just seeing this!  Been on a bit of a hiatus.


Just checked it out, was quite fun. Would be awesome to see it expand a bit or see the story arc change some. Good art style for the story. I like the simple controls, would love to see more mini-games too. Good stuff! 

I know it's been a bit since this titles, but if you are still interested I hope you are still making games. 


Hey, thanks so much for giving the game a run!  Glad to see you enjoyed it :D 

You'll be happy to know I'll be giving each of my games a 3D makeover to better understand the inner workings of 3D in Godot, before bigger projects. That's where some new minigames and expansions of the idea will be added. 

I've had a pretty long hiatus due to life circumstances, but I've been getting back into the swing of things recently! The next project to come out will be a small top down 2D puzzler, using elements of magnetism as a basis for the puzzles.  The concept is simple, but hopefully the puzzles are not! 

The @enmodgames Instagram Story has been (and will continue to have) on-the-fly dev updates as they happen.  Updates in general can be found there, on Twitter, or Facebook (same handle)!


It was pretty fun, but I still find it weird that "L" would be used to confirm. I thought it would be better with "Enter" or maybe "Space". It was still fun though, and I really liked the pixel art. They were cute.

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Thanks for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it.  The control choice was part of the theme of "Growing Up".

When I first played PC games when I was younger I would play any classic style platformers with K and L as analogues to B and A on an NES, since "arrow keys + z/x" felt, and still feels, really weird to me.  Similarly, F and H were always "Select" and "Start" for me.  If this was any other jam theme I most definitely would have gone with Space as I agree it's more intuitive of a control for "accept" or "do".  Maybe I went a bit too hard on the theme relevance lol.

Glad you liked the art!  I'll take credit for manipulating the assets and laying them out, but finalbossblues' asset pack is the real hero there.  Also Kenney's KenPixel Nova font from his first asset pack, so good!


I liked it, but it was very confusing. I think a portion of the UI was cut off in full screen.

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Yep, that would be the DPI  scaling issue I mention in the Install Instructions section, if you're on Windows.  Not sure how to solve it on other platforms yet as my current main platform is Windows. Following the steps there should solve the problem if Windows is your OS, if not, changing your DPI scaling settings in your OS should solve it there.

Thanks a ton for doing a video on it though, glad you liked it! The confusion is more or less intended :) WarioWare was big on that.


Great little game man!


Thanks, means a lot!  Can't wait to make some more, I'm feeling inspired!