v1.0.3 Released!


I've been prepping the game to record a clip, one for submission to Godot Engine's 2019 reel.  That means a once-over to round up any stray issues or bugs.  As expected, I seem to have found a few lol.  Here's a changelog!


  • Menus should now register input coming from controllers regardless of controller type
    • UI currently does not reflect every controller accurately in-game and that likely won't be fixed for this game. It is something I will be considering with more priority in future projects.
  • Clown float controls refused to come up for some reason when you started to float, but now they appear correctly!

The update's live on all platforms, so give it a go!  Don't forget to rate the game, share it around, likecommentsubscribe lol.  Every bit helps and I really appreciate every one of you who have played so far <3


Windows 58 MB
Version 1.0.3 Mar 05, 2019
Mac OSX 43 MB
Version 1.0.3 Mar 05, 2019
Linux (X11) 68 MB
Version 1.0.3 Mar 05, 2019

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